The hardest part of making travel plans is deciding upon the budget. More importantly, thinking of a source of funds you need for traveling the world.

Are you dreaming of touring all over the world? Do you want to explore new places? Do you want to meet new people?  Are you wondering how to save money in spite of covering all the household expenses? Here are few tips for saving money for touring.

Decide your travel goals

The first and foremost step is making a list of all the places you want to visit by which age. Write it down in your dairy among the list of your dreams to be fulfilled. On that very day itself, promise yourself to commit to the plan and work towards the achievements. Also, write down how are you going to achieve those goals.

Assess your expenditure

This is the most important step of saving. Make a detailed assessment of what are your expenses and find out a way of reducing it. Make your life simple today to have a lavish vacation tomorrow. Find the difference between what you “need” and what you “want.”

Create a travel fund

Create a travel fund and ensure that you contribute something to it every day. It is alright even if it is a petty amount of say INR10. Ensure that you contribute something every day. Contribute some amount of your salary to this fund every month. Make it a habit of adding something to this fund.

Avoid eating out

Eating outside will surely be more expensive than cooking food at home. Preparing food at home on your own will surely be cheaper and healthier than eating food that is cooked in restaurants.

Use Public Transport

You need not always travel by your car to office. You can very well use public transport for traveling. They are much cheaper than the fuel which we buy to run our cars. So, to save more, travel by public transport.

Advance ticket booking

The timing of booking of tickets matters a lot in determining the cost of the flight tickets. Say you are planning to travel to Delhi from Kolkatta in June. You have to book your Kolkata to Delhi flights at least by mid-April, i.e., at least six weeks in advance to get the cheapest tickets. Another essential tip to save money on tickets is booking Kolkata to Delhi tickets online. Tickets are the most affordable when booked online.

Skip all the spas and Massages

A fulfilling massage after a hectic week in the office is surely a pleasure most awaited. But remember spas are super expensive. They eat away the major part of our salary. So, stop going to spas and massages. It will save you a hell lot of money.

Spend less on lavish nightlife

If you want to travel to your dream destination, you have to cut down on your expenses on expensive pubs and bars. Stay at your home and watch a good film instead of emptying your pocket in a bar. This will save you a lot of money.

So, friends, follow all the above instructions and save for your dream holiday.